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We understand your sleep patterns and also respect our surrounding nature.Hence, Bianca Mattress is induced with environment-friendly technology and spine wear relieving mechanism. We make your tiring day a relaxing one when you lie down on your mattresses,granting you the sound sleep that you deserve.

With our orthopedic technology-induced mattress certified by doctors, you get access to a wide range of quality options online like Organic Latex or Gel Memory Foam mattress to choose from in Chennai from the comfort of your home. You get body shape adaptation in your mattress that soaks you in the mattress and adjusts accordingly.

Certified orthopedic mattress

Bianca Mattress is here to offer you the best bed prices Chennai!

Apart from being the No.1 Mattress range in India, we are also the only mattress range In India that is SWISS-KO Certified (Europe’s No. 1 Sleep Technology)

We take pride in being known as India’s sleep facilitators. Our mattress comes with a reliable ten-year warranty along with a 100-Night trial.

Offering the best orthopedic memory foam mattress in Chennai, Bianca Mattresses brings you  mattresses online that ensure no partner disturbance for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.Your demand, our command. Your needs, we customise. You also have an option to custom mattress sizes that makes it more comfortable for you.

Whether Gel Memory Foam or Natural Latex Mattress, all Bianca Mattresses are environment-friendly and reasonably priced, allowing you to explore and purchase the finest options online in a mattress in Chennai. With us, you get satisfied sleep at night with a bright day ahead.

Eco friendly and non toxic mattress

Most popular and advanced features

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Where can I get a superior quality mattress in Chennai?

While shopping for a mattress in Chennai, you must look out for one that provides great comfort along with adequate orthopedic support. You can easily explore and buy such superior quality mattresses online at Bianca.

How to pick an ideal mattress from a mattress store in Chennai?

To ensure that you pick an ideal mattress in Chennai from a mattress store, you must first test it out by lying down on it for some time. Bianca’s 100-night trial offer is a huge saviour as it gives you the option to return the purchased mattress if you are not satisfied after using it.

What are the finest mattress options available in Chennai?

Not every mattress you find in Chennai is worth spending your money on. Bianca offers only the most exceptional orthopedic mattresses online - Organic Latex and Gel Memory Foam - narrowing down your choices to two of the finest ones to avoid confusion.

At what price can I purchase a mattress in Chennai?

The price of a mattress in Chennai is determined by various aspects such as its size, thickness, and firmness. While Bianca’s Organic Latex mattresses are offered online at prices ranging from Rs. 11,199 to Rs. 36,099+, you can get our Gel Memory Foam mattresses in a range of Rs. 5,499 to Rs. 23,799+.

How can I get exceptional mattresses in Chennai at good prices?

To witness the best of quality as well as prices when buying a mattress in Chennai, you need not look beyond Bianca! As we deliver your preferred mattress right from our factory to your house in Chennai without involving middlemen, we help you save upto 70% of the cost.